Thursday, 14 July 2011

Good policy

Can I take out insurance in the event that I will not be selected by Germany in the 2012 Euros?

Lloyd’s insurer Talbot has seized £15,000 from former Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann after he refused to pay the premium on a 2008 policy.

The former Gunner purchased a "non-appearance policy" with the insurer to cover any financial losses he might incur in the event of not being selected to represent Germany in the 2008 European Championships, according to the Telegraph.

However, Lehman refused to pay the €12,000 premium and attempted to cancel the contract shortly before the German squad was announced.

The contract included a non-cancellation clause to prevent the player from effectively securing the coverage for free.

Talbot took out a debt order against the former Arsenal goalkeeper to secure the £14,819 payment.

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