Monday 18 July 2011

SC now in 3D

My 3D glasses from last night's showing of Harry Potter. 
IMdb Rating: 8.7 / (26,609 votes)
SC Rating: 68 / 100 (1 vote)
3D Verdict: Gimmick, pointless, in fact more of a distraction.  Apart from about three scenes where they bother to add 3D special effects it detracts from the viewing experience.  Wearing the glasses often makes some of the background sets out of focus and hard to see.  And although I imagine the film was supposed to be made with a grey filter to enhance the grim look and feel, I think the added effect of wearing the glasses made the film look more drab and unfinished.

1 comment:

  1. 3d films always look darker beacause you're only getting half as much of the light..but I'd assume when watching harry potter that would be a bonus :)