Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Tablet or not tablet

That is the question Shakespeare would be asking if he was around in the year 2011.

Here's my view:

I bought an i7 laptop a little over a year ago and it still kicks ass, 8 cores certainly run everything I need PC based quickly and smoothly.  My mobile phone is an HTC desire and is due for an upgrade a few months time.  The question is, should I get a tablet?  Is there room for it in my life?  I'd love to have one as it's a lot more portable than my beast of a laptop and has a much larger screen than my phone so I could use it for movies and books on my commute.  But as the Venn above clearly suggest that it is an unnecessary indulgence that I cannot in all honesty justify.  £500 is a lot of money for that.

Verdict:  I think not

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  1. go on rolling or payg till they drop in price:-)