Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Useless twat

I had to get my phone repaired again today.  Looks like after the glass repair I had done a month ago on my phone camera also introduced some dust (after the fix).  So i've now had the whole camera replaced.  It all looks good but am annoyed.

I wish I had the non British aggressive twat gene that meant I could argue with a random shop worker about getting it done for free as am sure it was still in warranty.

£50 on top of the £20 I spent earlier.  Could be worse, I could have dropped my tablet in the bath on Sunday.  Oh year, I did that too.  What a twat!

At least it means my surface pro gets to see more daylight.  Other than watching stuff in the bath (where I will never take it), and it being a fair bit heavier I think I will survive.

In fairness, my tablet is 3 years old now and has had a couple of incidents where i've dropped it and cracked its screen so it's served me well.

Time to move forward.

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