Monday, 23 November 2020

Are we a little stressed?

 This is one of Flo's latest pictures 

Me on the left, April on the right

I think it's a really good likeness and pleased with the level of detail, especially with the addition of lines on both of our foreheads.  She's asked me about them a few times recently,  I just tell her it's because i'm old.  But are we more stressed than usual?  

I don't think so.  We've got a lot on, 2 kids at different ages / needs, a new puppy, lockdown and not seeing friends, building work issues with next door, extension, large remortgage, moving pensions etc. but I don't think things are bad.  We've got a lovely house, we're all healthy, there's plenty of money coming in (more than going out).  So maybe that's all it is.  We are just getting old.

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