Wednesday 29 April 2009

Cross dressing

I'm in Krakow this weekend on a stag do, on the Saturday we have to dress up in golfing attire (comedy) for a round of pub golf. Not being part of that scene I don't have anything suitable, luckily April is amazing and went shopping for me yesterday evening and brought home loads of tat for around £20. Brilliant, i'll fit right in.

The was a golf sale near work today that had a few bits and pieces in but they were still too expensive so we went to a discount sports shop near work. I found a girls cardigan that looks like it could be used as a tank top for £5. Bargain. I'm sure there will be photos floating around after the weekend so watch this space.


  1. When I was in Krakow I had a lovely bacon and strawberry salad at the nicest restaurant I could find on the main square (apparently the biggest town square in Europe or something). It almost made up for the skinhead that tried to kick me in the face.

  2. Ha, ha. You do have one of those faces...