Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Fire! Must go and buy a book.

We've just had a(nother) fire drill at work so instead of standing in the alotted area I went to the bank then on to HMV and Waterstones.

Nothing in HMV not much in Waterstones, but I eventually bought The Lone Drow. I read the first of the trilogy a few weeks ago this is the next.

The review on the back reads

"Salvatore's latest series... includes tense battles, vivid landscapes and memorable characters." - Library Journal

If that's the best quote they can find i'm in for a treat...

Saying that it is mindless fantasy nonsense. This is all delaying my Wheel of Time reading. My initial plan was to read them all (13) in a year, i'm currently halfway through the 6th and that's 15 months. At that rate by my calculations they'll take me a total of 2.95 years to read. Yawn!

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