Thursday 9 April 2009

Walk of shame update

Yesterday afternoon one of my team was doing their customary walk of shame. For those not in the know this is the practise of sneaking to one of the meeting rooms and walking back with a stash of chocolate biscuits (jaffas, kit-kats, penguins etc.).

As he was walking to the meeting room a director stopped to say hello, to avoid being busted afterwards he headed into the stationary cupboard to to stock up on office supplies instead.

His sheepish look on his return reminded me of the advert where a poor lad is trying to buy condoms from a chemist and ends up with various other bits and pieces. Ha, ha!


  1. Have you ever made the walk of shame, or do you just send one of your team?

  2. Once or twice. Unfortunately I have no one to boss around in the new job.