Wednesday, 8 April 2009

New laptop?

I'm thinking about what to do with my bonus, a lot of it is already spent (sensibly paying off loans, credit cards, put aside for flooring) but i'd like to get something for myself as it is actually me who's earned it.

I could get a tiny notebook type thing that I could play FM on my way into work but that would be it's only use. Seems a bit of a waste to blow £300 or so on just that. And seeing as i'd like to get a new laptop next year (after 3 years) I can't really justify it.
As a bit of fun I looked at Alienware's site. Wow! £3,670 on a super quad core laptop. I'd love to get one but I don't think April will let me...

Other things I could get include,

-Nice stereo
-Wireless music router
-X-Box / PS3
-Deep fat fryer
-Speed boat
I'm not sure though, I've got most of the things I want. It's a tough life.

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