Monday 6 April 2009

Ross Noble and rugby

I was up early on Saturday so that I could get back in time for rugby. The roads were again quiet so made it home with a few minutes to spare.

We played New Ash Green and we won 51 - 19. My outside centre (i'm inside) scored 5 tries! I however scored 0. Either he's very good or I set him up for all of them. I see myself as more of a midfield general these days anyway, i'm not one for glory hunting, let someone else take the limelight, blah, blah, blah...

Afterwards, I had a few beers with the guys (a few too many if you ask April) then headed to Tunbridge Wells to see Ross Noble. I'd seen him twice before so new i'd be in for a laugh, once in London then once at a Bug Jam where the infamous (infamous as far as Kris and I saw it) fcuk Zippy sketch.

Ross Noble is a very lucky man, his quick wittedness combined with a good sprinkling of comedy gold means that he doesn't even have to prepare any material. He tends to just play along with the audience and see where it gets him. He did on occasion revert to script but the majority was all on the fly which is very impressive for a once man hour and a half show.

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