Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Museum of Curiosity recording vedict

Very good indeed, the three guests were pretty funny

Simon Singh

The other two were a guy that likes clouds and a comedian called Tim (something) who looked and acted like a cross between Richard "Hamster" Hammond and Anthony "Wozza" Worrell Thompson.

The show was very good though, perhaps a bit too long, over two hours of recording for a 30 min show. Although nothing to do with the show itself the highlight was on the way in. There were various publicity shots along the hallway of various radio stars, Wogan, Ross, Derbyshire. At the end of the corridor was a photo of Chris Moyles. Someone had kindly scrawled TWAT in biro on his forehead. He, he! I took a photo of it but disappointingly it doesn't appear to have saved.

Another thing that might be interesting to you is the airport style security on the way into the BBC. We had to empty our pockets and take off our belts so that they could be passed through an x-ray scanner. I don't know what they think people are up to.

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