Thursday 18 June 2009

Jarvis Cocker Gig

We went to see Jarvis Cocker last night, £20 tickets each plus two lots of booking fees and one set of handling fees taking it to over £50. Ridiculous! Before that we went for a bite to eat here

The Wapping Project, a hydraulics power station renovated into an restaurant / art exhibition. I’d been there before with a friend but not to eat and was pleasantly surprised. Despite being the first people in that evening (6:30) the atmosphere was pretty cool. Far too trendy for the likes of me. The food and wine was great too.

Then it was off to Troxy, another renovated building, this time a theatre, aren’t they all. The venue itself could hold well over 1,000 people and was pretty cool. We were in the second level of standing but managed to secure a place next to a central barrier so had a nice clean view and something to lean on.

When we got there a band called the Horrors was on. Pretty poor noisy kids with more fashion sense than musical ability and talent. At a push I would say that one or maybe two of their songs were okay.

Then came the main act. Jarvis Cocker. I have to say that I was never a massive fan of Pulp, I was more into heavy rock and metal in those days but he has written some very good songs.

He played none of those last night, it was all new material, most off his new album. April’s made me listen to it a thousand times whilst driving so I know most of them now. Anyway, how good was he? Bloody brilliant! He’s got to be one of the best performers that I’ve ever seen. Is he up there with Bobby Davro I hear you cry? Yes, yes he most certainly is.

His Napoleon Dynamite style dancing is a wondrous thing. Half mesmerising half hilarious. He’s got so much charisma, the lead from the Horrors needs to take note.

Anyway, we eventually got back at around 12 and decided to foil the naughty intruder cat. We set the cat flap to out only. If our cats needed a wee in the middle of the night fine. But they wouldn’t be allowed back in till the morning.

So far, so good. It worked. The cats must have bigger bladders than me as they were both still in the house this morning.

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  1. I think you can get cat flaps which detect RFID tags that you put in the cats collars so it will only open for your cats. Techno-cat-flappery.