Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Our very own Blacky Whitey

My bother Steve's got a stray cat that has been coming into his house for the past few years and has been eating his cats food. They don't seem to mind it and it doesn't seem to mind them now.

We have our own now! Unfortunately our cats don't like it. We tried getting round it by not letting the cats back in if they went out during the night but they're stronger than you think and managed to force the door! This meant that the door was pushed past the catch effectively causing the opposite. Cats can get in but not out...

Yesterday morning he (I think it's a he as it's pretty big) was in the living room when I went down stairs before leaving for work. He wasn't very happy to see me and started to make a racket before trying to jump through a closed window. Duuuugh. I opened the patio door and then shoed him out. He bolted away.

April had a great idea to lock the outside of the cat flap similar (but opposite) to the above. It worked! He couldn't get in this morning. Poppet cat though, she's bright enough to open it with her paw. Biscuit was stuck out side. I let her in at 7:15 when my alarm went off and I could hear her headbutting the door. Poor thing.

It didn't stop Blacky Whitey waking us up at half four though. It was screaming out side for us to let it in. Bloody thing! Bloody cats!

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