Tuesday 30 June 2009

Football Manager loser

On the train on the way into work last week I saw a guy playing football manager on a laptop. The laptop looked relatively new but he was still playing an old version of the game (6 or 7 years old). Not only was he doing this but he was cheating!

His team was Fulham and he had Totti, Ronaldinho plus a handful of other world stars of the era. No matter how good you are at FM (I am the best) there's no way you could attract those players to a team like Fulham. The funniest part of it however was that he was in 4th position in the table with a couple of games yet to play.

I'm not saying that i've never cheated (the odd reload after a serious injury to a star player, or the fact that i've never lost in a final (reload, reload, reload, relo...), but to set up a totally fictitious team and still be crap, there's no excuse.

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