Tuesday 2 June 2009

Comedy gold

Last night’s show was pretty good.

However I felt Bill Bailey was pretty poor, none of his material really worked and it had a disjointed feel. But seeing as they were all doing it for charity I think it’s a bit harsh to complain. The other acts weren’t bad, Nini Conti (Monkey Ventriloquist), Bollo and Jason Manford (Poor man’s Peter Kay), but I’d seen the his act before.

The highlight was Tim Minchin, a very funny man indeed. Even if he is Australian (Sorry April). You can really tell how massively intelligent he is, he stood out a long way from the others.

A highlight within a highlight would be his first song called Prejudice which was about racism, and the use of the N word. He mixed the letters around and replaced it with the word ginger.

“Only a ginger can call another ginger Ginger”


“Only a ginger, can call another ginger Ginger.Just like only a ninja, can sneak up on another ninga, yeah.”

I think the comedy gods were smiling on me yesterday, as all the evening free papers had the MTV awards incident involving M&M (Eminem) and Sacha Baron Cohen.

I haven’t seen the movie yet but will catch it on youtube when I get in tonight.


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