Friday, 5 June 2009


We went to see QI get recorded last night. It was excellent.

Stephen Fry was very funny so too were the guests (David Mitchell, Dara O'Brien and Graham Norton) and Alan Davis.

I had to work till about 6 (last minute work for our head office in Japan), but luckily April managed to get to the studios on South bank at around 5:45. By the time I arrived 45 mins later the queue was huge. I know they over prescribe to these sorts of things but this looked ridiculous.

The show didn’t start till 6:30 and went on till 9:30 and it did begin to drag somewhat before the end but we both had a great time.

My hat goes off to the talented editors on the show. The new series is due to get screened on BBC1 instead of it’s usual late BBC2 slot. Editing out all the nonsense (although funny) and making a coherent show must be so difficult and that’s even if they don’t swear…

Not bad for a free night out eh?

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