Friday 5 June 2009

Train delays

My service has been pretty good recently, mostly on time or just a couple of minutes late. This morning it was 28 minutes late. Boo!

I'm not too annoyed as it means about half an hour less of work to do today but it's the principle. I can't even claim back for part of my rail fare. I can only claim if they miss their targets for the whole year. They set their targets ridiculously low so i've no chance.

One good thing about the journey is that I experimented with my starting position. For the past year I’ve been getting on at the very back of the train, to begin with this was an excellent way to always get a seat. But more and more over the year people have been using my strategy.

May 2008: 5 people waiting for the train at my stop with 20 spare seats.
May 2009: 20+ people waiting for the train with 20 spare seats.

I usually get there a few minutes early so standing is never usually a problem but there’s always one tw@t that pushes in and causes hassle for everyone else. I can’t be arsed with it as being in a mood is the last thing I need before heading into London.

My new spot has the additional benefit of being closer to the ticket barriers at Cannon Street (2mins) so I can actually take my time in the morning on my walk to the office rather than frog march.

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