Monday 27 March 2017

Another win, just

Rugby was good on Saturday, we were 19 nil down within the first 15 minutes, but ended up winning 37-32. I set up the winning try with about 4 mins to go after a 50 yard break. We've got the only other team that can equal us on points next Saturday away.

What I didn't say last week was that all we needed to win the league was to win one of the 3 games, then turn up to the other 2 games (you get a point for turning up) the best Thanet can do is equal us. Before Saturday's games we had a 61 goal difference advantage. That's now been cut to 19 with a big win. We're playing them next, so a loss could seriously turn that around. However if we lose but only lose within 7 points, we'd get another bonus point, where all we would have to do is turn up in Folkestone and we'd win the league.

I think we should just try and win on Saturday then it's all irrelevant.

I've had a number of people saying it's the best they've seen me play during my 9 seasons with TJs. I can't possibly see how this is true as i'm 37!

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