Friday 24 March 2017

Will we win the title?

I've got 3 games left for the 3rd team this season and we're sitting pretty at the top of Shepherd and Neame Premier 2 East.  If we win 2 out of the 3 we will be crowned champions.

We're quite capable of doing this but all 3 games are away from home (over an hour's drive), and one of them is against another challenger.  Anyway it's our league to lose so we'd better give it our all.

I've only ever won one other league, that was when I played for the Mayfair Occationals (Barnes 4th team), we started in the bottom league and were far too good for the opposition, we'd quite often win by 70+ points.  We've done done that a fair few time this season too which is nice.  Still only one personal try for myself to show for it though, but I do see myself as more of a creator these days.

Why run 80m flat out when you can pass it to a young lad to run for you?

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