Wednesday 22 March 2017

Not the best experience

The post office in Tonbridge has finally shut, WH Smiths has taken on the role in the community by devoting the back section of the book store to the role.

I popped in on Saturday morning as I need to send off my broken mobile phone to get repaired (yes again).  There was an old chap there to help people using the baffling self service machines, noticing that I couldn't find what I was looking for he asked if I needed assistance.  I told him that I needed a padded envelope so that I could send my phone to get repaired and he said that I would need to pop to WH Smith's other store 10 shops down to buy any stationary.  Urgh...

Ridiculous.  The WH Smiths at Cannon Street is shit too.

I think i'll use the independent post shop next time.

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