Monday, 27 March 2017


After eight or nine years we're moving from our TV providers from Virgin media to Sky.  When we first moved into Tonbridge we did try to get sky but there was a tree in the way of the satellite dish so rather than adding a pole to the side of our house we decided to use Virgin.

We've been generally pleased with them until recently when during a software update the system kind of died.  We had an 'engineer' round a couple of months ago who replaced our main box and it went back to normal however, during the 8-9 years the cost has risen considerably so we have been looking for alternatives.  We currently pay £124.11 a month for Virgin TV, Sky sports, BT sports ('free'), phone line (don't use) and broadband.

One of my friend's friend's works for sky and has a number of deals available to new customers.  Seeing as we were looking to move we duly took up their offer.  An 18 months deal but offering a massive £56 a month saving.  That's over £1k over the duration.

Our plan was to keep the broadband with virgin as we can't get any better than that and replace the TV.

Anyway, we managed to get Sky in within a week and they arrived this morning to install everything.

We now have no broadband as the engineer decided on his own cut the wire!  Luckily virgin are sending someone round tomorrow to fix it but I will have to take a day off from work to let them in.


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