Monday, 27 March 2017

Poker night two

We had a late call off on Friday (wife didn't come either) and the two other wives that joined us just sat there and talked so didn't play.

It still left 5 of us with a total pot of £100.

It was an enjoyable game, highlight for me was getting a pair of aces in my starting hand and winning around £5 from April with 3 aces beating her lower 3 of a kind.  Lowlight, April winning much more  back later in the session with a very good hand.

The winner was probably Mark, but in the last few hands he was just playing anything as he needed to get back home.  This made April (£40) the winner followed by Jonno (just less than £40), and Mark (£20).

Myself and another Stuart came joint last.  Although I wasn't first out so not technically last.

Next time, no wives invited unless playing.

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