Friday, 24 March 2017

Mark Thomas' latest show

We went to see Mark Thomas' latest show last night at the Trinity Theatre Tunbridge Wells. The Red Shed.  I have to say it was excellent.  I don't agree with all of his political view points but he's certainly very passionate about showing them, which I admire greatly.

He spoke mostly about his time supporting unions and strikes up and down the country, but mostly he talked about his the love of where his political yearning began.

The Red Shed in Wakefield.  A meeting hall and social club for like minded people.

At the end of his show (which went down surprisingly well in a town like Tunbridge Wells) ended with him inviting people to the said shed.  I think I would be too scared.

15 years ago I would have said that I was definitely a Tory, but bit by bit I have mellowed.  Having a very active Green party supporting wife certainly helps.  I've never really held any real strong political views but more and more often these days I find myself embarrassed or ashamed of what other people are capable of.

I personally have not been massively effected, after all I have a good job in the city where I earn far too much money, and maybe that gives me the space to think and behave in the way I do.  People from less affluent areas may feel that they have very little going for them and are gradually losing the little say they have in society so feel it necessary to vote for things like UKIP or for Brexit.

I generally just hope that people try not to be dicks.

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