Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Getting that festival feeling

April took me out for a lovely meal on Saturday, we were due to be eating out in the vineyards but the weather was a little bit risky so they moved us all into one of the barns.  

A month or so we went to the chef's garden for something similar but that was a private one table affair.  This was pretty much the same but on a larger scale within the grounds of the vineyard 5 or six houses down.  

Lovely desert

Mmm... Lamb chops

Delicious starter

One of the local Tonbridge chefs (Ben Sultan) helping out with the grill

The barn

A bottle and a half of the delicious English sparking wine finished of with some mint tea

We might not have gone to a festival this year but I was pleased to experience some of the festival flavour. 


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