Friday, 11 September 2020

Not quite finally finished!

After what must be nearly 6 months our carpeting is finally finished!  The runner had to be sent away to get stitched up down the sides, but it's finally in now.

It's been a bit of a disaster really, firstly (not their fault) bloody corona virus meant they had to stop work for a couple of months, then once the lockdown started to relax a little they knocked the plaster off the ceilings whilst being overly vigorous with their carpet laying.  Once that was done we noticed that the carpets mismatched so they had to wait till the manufacturer replaced the carpet.  Finally the runner got stitched and we're finished.

Except we still need the carpet shop's owner's mate to fill in the holes in the ceiling then re-paint.  Hopefully we can get him round next week.

In other news my nice new shelves in my office have slipped so we need to remove the invisible fittings and replace them with more sturdy metal brackets.  The shelves were screwed into plasterboard so were never really going to hold up the weight of the shelves and all of my books too.  Hopefully that will get sorted next week too. 

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