Tuesday 12 August 2008

At least I tried

I tried to go swimming today but when I got to the gym, there was a notice saying there was a flood... No joke.

There was a flood in the showers which meant they were shut, and the male entrance way through to the pool is via the showers.

The girl told me that it may be fixed by this evening so i'll try and go again after work.


Since joining the gym back in May 07 my target was to do some form of exercise 33% of days.

Since then I am at 30.4%, this includes me being very lazy in July last year (where I went once) and April this year (Once, I was in Oz for a lot of it). However my current annual ratio is 33.7%, so if I keep that up i'll be back to being an adonis...

And yes, I do have a spreadsheet.


  1. The pool is still shut for male swimmers. I shall try again tomorrow! Doh!

    I guess I could go for a run when I get home. Na...

  2. 110 laps in 2 days, 3 swims.

    That's 2200m (small pool)