Tuesday 26 August 2008

Cough please...

In my current job I am down in the dungeon for 1 day a week, or as some people call it the IT department. The IT guys like to call it 'lower ground' but in reality it't the basement with no daylight.

You might have guessed that being below ground we get very little mobile phone reception, but sometimes we get glimmer reception. I've just had enough to inform me that I have voicemail.

The voicemail was from some guy at The Diagnostic Centre, and he asked me to give him a call. Yikes!

What could it be for?

Had I contracted some sort of disease from the Reading festival? Surely not, the test results won't be back for at least another couple of weeks...

Then I thought it could be from the National Blood Service, they've found something wrong with my blood and I need to contact them immediately. Argh!

Then I thought, i'd give the guy a call to find out what they really wanted. He was from a company that provides medicals for new starters at my new company. Phew!

After I arranged a date and a suitable time for my appointment I made sure to inform him that his standard voicemail message could be improved somewhat.