Friday, 15 August 2008

Last weekend

Last weekend was pretty big, I was still tired on Wednesday.

The voodoo Glow Skulls were surprisingly good. I had a good handful of cider that night and consequently felt rough as on Friday morning, Friday afternoon and Friday evening.

It was April's Mum's wedding so it probably wasn't the greatest preparation. I ended up driving to and from the event so at least I could pass that off as my excuse for not drinking. Other than feeling terrible the event was actually not bad.

Despite both of us only really knowing one person (April's Mum, her friends and family are in Oz), we had a good time. During the reception there was impromptu juggling, balloon flower making, saxophone playing and Elvis impersonating. Very odd, but it kind of worked...

After the reception we went to our delightful room in a guest house in a Welsh sea side town just outside of Bridgend. It cost us £40 through and was terrible. There was damp on the ceiling, the carpet was disgusting (we didn't dare take our shoes off) and ended up sleeping in our clothes.

Luckily we were only there for one night and had booked us in to a special treat at the Hotel Du Vin in Bristol on the Saturday. We met up with John so that I could get fitted for a suit for his wedding. I have to wear a bloody cravat! Nobody told me about this. I just thought I had to stutter through a best mans speech.

Other than that we had a really good Moroccan chicken tureen with cous cous, and wandered round the markets and shops in the Bristol rain. We checked in at 3.

And after the night befores horrible experience jumped straight into the 'Monsoon' shower, basically. It's a way of drowning whilst standing up on solid ground.

In the evening we went downstairs to the restaurant, and had a lovely meal. I had a steak (with fries that came in an odd cone shaped device), April had wood pigeon. To my surprise, I spotted Bob Hoskins on table a couple of rows away from us. Wow! I can only assume he's filming something down in Bristol, or perhaps staring in a play.

Sunday we had another wedding, Sophie my old flat mate in Deptford. It was over in the Cotswolds, Tetbury. Lovely small town, full of antique shops and Prince Charles' Highgrove shop. The ceremony was lovely, and the reception was great, a big barn in the middle of nowhere. Think Grand Designs and you'll get the picture. There are hundreds of photos of me 'dancing' on facebook if you care to look.

The roads back to Tonbridge were quiet and I beat Tom Tom by nearly 20 mins on a 2.5 hour journey so quite impressed.

All in a all a good weekend. But it was very tiring and very expensive.

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