Thursday, 7 August 2008

New pub

I've 'found' a new bar in London.

The Old Dispensary

-It's about 2 minutes from work, so ideal for lunchtime outings
-It's cheap, less than £3.00 a pint
-Good food, although we haven't tried it, it certainly looks good
-The staff remember us... we (Me + James) went there yesterday and today lunchtime
-It has a great selection of real ales (I have now tried them all), good cider too
-We have managed to organise a raffle where someone in my company wins £100 worth of beer vouchers
Before yesterday, I had been there before, I went with old Lloyd's friends but for some reason I / We thought it was expensive so haven't been back. It looks as though it should be but I guess because of it's location (the arse end of the city) it's not.

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