Monday, 18 August 2008

Another week another busy weekend

I booked Friday afternoon off from work to go to Soho with a few friends from Lloyd's.

James, Peter, their respective other halves and April. Nothing major was planned, other than a few beers, glasses of wine and a bite or two to eat. The rest got there early and went for a pie, I was running late so missed out (doh!). We were standing outside the second pub when no other than Jarvis Cocker got dropped off at a music show to buy a couple of tambourines.

We had a handful more at various other pubs then went for a Chinese. Not a bad night out really. Although if you add everything up it probably cost a fair penny (or with inflation a fair pound).

Saturday, I didn't do a tremendous lot. Football Manager, food shopping, and attempting to put up mirrors. The mirrors are still not up. A grumpy Steve came round in the evening so we had a few beers in Tonbridge and then had another Chinese, although this one was a take away.

Steve was grumpy because he had to fork out a £340 to stop his car getting towed away when he helped a stranded Australian girl. She had locked herself out near his house and was in her bare feet. They tried to use a ladder to get into her house but couldn't so he drove her to her letting agent to get a spare key. He was out of his car for 3 minutes before his car was getting towed say. Doh! That'll teach him for being a good Samaritan.

Sunday, we had guests over, my old flat mate Harriet and her fiance Dan for a Sunday lunch, panic struck when I noticed that the oven was on grill rather than fan but luckily I spotted the mistake before anything was set on fire. Being a master chef, I rescued the situation and everybody was none the wiser. April made some delicious cookies too (I may get her to make some for Reading).

Tired now but good weekend. Weekends coming up.

Barcelona stag + birthday
Free, but probably attempting to write best man speech


  1. I hope the girl paid some money towards Steve's car?!

  2. She offered but Steve declined. What a gentleman.

    I asked him if she was pretty? He said no. So not sure what he's playing at.

    He should have took her for every penny she had and then deported her...

    I think she'd just arrived in the county so would have been quite a kick in the balls (if she had them).