Tuesday 19 August 2008

Office prankster

We’ve been winding up my office helper (university sandwich year placement) about Portugal’s performance (or lack of) at this years Olympics (he’s originally from Portugal), this lead to a £1 cheeky bet being laid that they would not win a single medal.

Looking at the medal table this morning they’ve picked up a silver in women’s triathlon. Doh! £1 down.

Not wanting to let this lie, I spent 10 mins putting together a little prank. He, he, he!

I pdf’d BBC’s front news story and replaced the headline text and picture of my own.

The funny thing is he actually believed it and offered to give my pound back.


  1. Haha. That's rather good. Was that James (another) that you gulled?

    Your new employers are gonna be soooo thrilled when they discover the amount of non-work-related activity you can multi-task into your schedule. Whatta guy. Smoke us a kipper!

  2. Na, not James. Another sandwich year student.

    The joke took me 5 minutes, and helped with office moral (not the guy at the butt of the jokes).

    I think it was well worth my valuable time.