Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Pushy National Blood Service

I received a text from the National Blood Service this morning saying.

"MR CLARK, we've written to invite you to give blood. Please see our mailing or call 0845 7711 711 for details. Thank you."

I've been a blood donor for over ten years and they've never hassled me before. They must be desperate. I'm now booked in for next Tuesday morning.


  1. They hound you now. I signed up and then found out I had a dodgy liver and they wouldn't leave me alone

  2. Just given blood, but had to wait 45 mins before they even processed my info.

    Even then I had to do it twice as the woman was an idiot and messed it up.

    She had to ask how to spell Stuart despite me starting it off for her 'Stu' then she spelt Clark with a 'ck'. What an idiot! There were a lot of angry office workers in there.

    I'm off to 'lunch' in a minute... There's no point wasting it!

  3. Come on you Corby oiks donate (Kris: I know you can't)