Thursday 10 July 2008

The Sopranos

I have been a member of Lovefilm for about 6 months now. I think it's pretty good, a lot better than going to Blockbusters to find that they have no recent films available (Clapham High Street Branch).

Being a wonderful boyfriend I stupidly split the account in half which let April choose half of the DVDs we hire. 25% of her choices are good 50% are okay, the rest bad. She’s had the last one for over two months.

By bad I don’t mean they are bad films, I mean that I don’t really want to watch them. They have stories and stuff and probably won Oscars but when was last gun fight or explosion made during one? I can tell you, never. I get home after a ‘hard’ days work, dialog is the last thing I want to see.

My latest rental has been the first series of The Sopranos. What a great series, a lot of my friends are jealous because they have watched all 6 series and know that there will be no more, I however have 5 more to watch. I am contradicting myself somewhat as The Sopranos is very character driven and therefore has a great deal of dialog, but who cares. It’s great. If you haven’t watched them yet, then you’re in for a treat.

Another great series shown on the same network is The Wire. Again excellent, again great characters, again great story. My brother is hooked so all I have to do is borrow them off him.

My next rental is Rambo! He, he! I’ll have to wait till April’s out of the house though as I’m not sure if she would appreciate the artistic way a guy gets ripped in half by a machine gun.


  1. I watched Rambo last night when I got in from work. Hmm...

    I enjoyed it, but I can't help thinking that it could have been better. So much better.

    Simialr to Aliens v's Predator or Aliens v's Predator 2. Great premise, no substance.

    Given a day of writing, I could come up with something better.

  2. Result!

    The Sopranos series 2 is on Virgin On-Demand.

    The package we have means we get loads of series for free.

    So far we've been watching

    The Royle Family and Spaced