Tuesday 8 July 2008

Darts and other pub games

I've been playing quite a bit of bar sports recently.

Darts, at a pub in Leigh called the Bat and Ball. This was the darts scoring system on the wall. Just like the old telephones. It worked quite well, but was sore on the fingers after a while.

Pool in a bar underneath a church near work (called the Crypt), last time I was in there the vicar was having a meal with 10 of his old parishioners in the room next door. Very odd...

And more recently bar billiards in an old mans village pub (The Cock Inn, Luddesdown). It's quite a fun game. A bit more tactical than pool but good all the same.

Next I want to find a pub in London where I can throw a yellow cheese at skittles. Is this just a Northampton thing?

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