Saturday 12 July 2008

Open air concert

I went to an open air concert with April and two friends last night. I was dreading it beforehand as it was forecast to rain (and it did lots) but i'm glad I went as well all had a great time.

It was held in the forecourt of Tonbridge Castle and I think they managed to squeeze around a 1000 people there, all there to see high quality cover bands.

We saw the Bee Gees first, then a Utter Madness and to finish it all off Killer Queen.

We brought a couple of bottles of nice wine and one of the bottles of champagne left over from the house purchase. April is not a well girl this morning.

The Freddy Mercury front man was superb. I actually think he believed he was Freddy on more than one occasion.

Afterwards they put on an impressive fireworks display. All in all a very nice evening.


  1. Good that the weather held out then! I think that people in tribute acts are always a little bit mental...

  2. The weather didn't hold, it rained heavily for an hour or so. We brought umbrellas so it was fine.