Friday, 18 July 2008

Weekend of not a tremendous lot

This weekend I will mostly be doing...

Sitting on arse, gardening, barbecuing, sleeping, watching The Sopranos.

I'm probably doing nothing tonight, which will be nice. It was my old flatmate's birthday drinks yesterday so I had a couple of glasses of wine with her.

Tomorrow I'll be gardening with April before she heads off to Sophie's Hen night round Harriet's. I've been left on my own so not sure what i'll do. Liverpool are on TV, and i've loads of recorded movies so won't be too bored.

There's not much left to do (immediately) in the garden but there's still a few weeds to pull out and it would be nice to add a few new plants to the back garden before everyone comes over next week.

Sunday should be more fun, with my Dad and his wife Ann heading over. Steve and Jenny will be there too so i'll be getting a loan of the new Wire and Steve's pressure washer. The cats that have been spraying in my garden won't know what's hit them.


  1. Cats were a big issue in my last garden too and they became a bit of an obession. I bought a water cannon (it was faulty). I tried to buy a potato gun. (no luck - health and safety no doubt). For my next, I have seen a "cat zapper" which is an ultrasonic gun - fantastic. Failing that I'm going to my local hoodie for an unregistered handgun and I'm gonna get the little bird murderers.... Or I have heard of Lion Dung what you can get in a pet shop. Supposed to work as a deterrent. Apparently they smell it and go "Whoaaa that is some BIIIIG Mutha; I'm off to shit in some other dudes veggies before he gets back." jc

  2. Air rifle works pretty well. Only a sprung loaded one so not enough to do anything too far