Sunday 13 July 2008

Mmm... Sunday doing nothing

And by nothing, I mean putting my feet up whilst playing on my laptop and semi watching the cricket.

I think the only thing that could better this is perhaps a nice cold bottle of beer and some decent snackage. Unfortunately April's off shopping for a dress at Bluewater so i'd have to walk to the shops.

There's not much chance of that so i'm happy to just sit here.


  1. I had a pretty quiet weekend too-in preperation for a bathroom frenzy after the windows are done. Bought some fish for the tank :)

  2. Have you installed the tank yet? I wonder how the fish will feel having to watch you take a crap every morning... Ha, ha!

  3. I'll have to ask them. It's just set up down stairs at the moment until I've got the suite in.