Thursday 31 July 2008

Is Corby a cultural desert?

Every now and again I go to the Evening Telegraph website from my home town as every so often there's a story that makes me chuckle. Here's the latest.

Corby has been ranked as one of the worst places in the country for cultural and leisure facilities.
In the table, compiled by the Local Futures Group, Corby ranked 373rd out of 376.
Kettering came 359th, East Northamptonshire came 320th and Wellingborough was ranked 296th.

The index measured areas on factors including the number of national heritage sites, the concentration of outlets like cinemas, theatres, museums and galleries, shop floorspace and the number of leisure centres.

He, he, the paper is asking people for their opinions. I love that part, you get locals trying to defend the town but in all honestly it's a toilet. I may have been brought up in and around the town but if you look at anywhere else in comparison it is a total shit hole. I am so glad to have cut the bungy cord that used to pull me back in.


  1. Stuart you can't put something like this up and then not tell us who came first and who came last.

    We were talking about Corby at work t'other day - about it being a toilet etc - and someone said "uh its full of scots" then looked guiltily at me. Why do you think he did that?

    I looked on the website; couldn't find the winners and losers but the first headline I read was "Boyfriend held in Brazilian Body Probe." Unfortunate choice of words?


  2. I think Bedford came last..., and Tonbridge came first.