Tuesday, 29 July 2008

4 Years of weather

Call me a sad bastard if you want... but I have been recording 'the weather' for 4 years now.
When I say weather I mean max and min temperatures for London. I started because someone said that this year was much worse (temperature wise) than the year before but I didn't think so. I looked up the data and proved them wrong. In you face!
I continued because I was playing with an offset function in excel (I was using it to extend the graph range automatically when new data is added) and wanted to see it work, I also think I have a very mild form of OCD (am much better now as I no longer have to have the TV volume on an even number).
Here are a selection of my charts.
I have also managed to get hold the same data going back to 1959 which does show a clear increase in temperature. Is this down to global warming? Who knows...
Interesting facts I have found so far...
1) Thursday has the highest average maxium temperature
2) Hottest day in London over the last 4 years = 35C
3) Coldest Day = -6C
4) Warmest Year = 2003
5) Coldest = 1963


  1. Most interesting but a couple of points: What do you mean by highest average maximum temperature? And is this over 4 years or all the way. (If Thursday is hottest then that explains why it is Thirsty Thursday).
    Is your hottest day (35) adjusted to account for humidity? In South Africa the temperature is usually combined with the relative humidity to give an index of comfort - 35 degrees of dry heat is usually more bearable than 30 degrees of humid heat.
    Thirdly can you tell me where we can both get a life please?

    ps The reviewer on the weekender (BBC radio 2, Friday) thought Batperson (thats for the little ladies out there) was edited round Heath Ledger just cos he is dead and he will probably get the oscar for the same reason even though he wasn't very good.

  2. MAX temperature = Max on BBC site, The average is the average of those Max(s).

    Thursday has been the hottest for the last 4 years. It's 4 years because my historical data is for months only.

    Hottest day is merely the temperature.

    Don't know where we can get lives.

    I felt Heath Ledger was very good.