Friday, 4 July 2008

Weekend activities

I work for a big American broker and as it's July 4th we're getting let out at 4pm today! Whoop, whoop! USA! USA!

It is however annoying. I'm due to meet some old work friends at 6 over near London Bridge so i'm going to have to hang around until then. There's not much likelyhood of that, seeing as it's a Friday it'll be a pub lunch and as my two bosses are off playing golf today it'll be a long one. That'll leave roughly an hour of work in the afternoon then straight out again to the pub for pre-pub drinks. I'm not going to get back home till late so it'll be a huge Leo Sayer (All Dayer).

Not that I don't like Leo Sayer, I do, it's just I had a skinful last night with Creaney, am out to a country pub on Saturday aftenoon with Freeman. And have the Germans round for a BBQ on Sunday. Before I know it'll be Monday morning and i'll be back in IT...

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  1. Back from work. 4 Strongbow the better (or worse). It's going to be a long day...