Tuesday, 11 November 2008

One day holiday left

I've got 4 days off till they reset back to 25 in January, three have already been alocated, so I have one spare.

I'm using one for a long weekend in Manchester and York with April (we're staying at another Hotel du Vin (I think we're addicted to the big baths)), i'm using one the Friday after that to fly up and see Tim in Edinburgh (I've been meaning to pop up for a visit for ages) and i've booked next Tuesday off from work to let Virgin in to install our broadband and phone line.

What shall I do with my remaining day? I don't want to waste it over the Christmas period as it's usually quite relaxing, you've got less redgit start times and often get let out early. I don't want to waste it to go shopping as i'm thinking about doing that in the afternoon after the Virgin dude turns up.

April has no more left so i'm open to suggestions. ??? Does anyone else have a remaining day that they fancy doing something with?

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