Wednesday 5 November 2008

Grounding over, but only with supervision

We finally let the cats out again on Sunday afternoon. It’s given us another couple of scares but seems to be working.

To show the cat how to use the cat flap we stuffed Biscuit though, for some reason she didn’t really like this and bolted of down the side of the house. We managed to find her but she wouldn’t budge so I had to entice her in with fishy treats. Being a greedy fat cat it worked. I then managed to grab her whilst standing on a chair and as I was manoeuvring to throw her in the house the chair slipped and she bolted off again. After this we just taped the cat flap open and she came on her own accord 5 minutes later.

We’ve been letting them out each night after we get in, and they now quite happily go in and out as they please. Biscuit was still out when we wanted to go to bed so we ended up having to leave the cat flap taped open.

We were rudly awoken by Poppet’s meowing this morning, she used to do this all the time when Biscuit was on her travels so we thought the worse. Upon opening the bedroom door both cats were there. Phew!

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