Wednesday, 19 November 2008


I had yesterday off so that Virgin could install broadband and a phone line to our house (We've finally gotten rid of BT). He was booked in to come in the morning and duly turned up at 12:50. But that was the only complaint. He was very good and sorted everything out within an hour. The broadband worked straight away and I now have a 7 kbps, I think it was around 2 or three before.

In the afternoon I decided to head over to Bluewater shopping centre, apparently it's one of Europe's biggest. It was huge. I can see why they called it Bluewater though, it was either that of 'Old disused chalk mine WATER'.

As soon as I got out of the car I was annoyed. In the distance I could hear Jingle Bell Rock! Argh! It's over a month away. All of the usual Christmas tripe was blaring out of the Winter Wonderland Village. In reality it was a bunch of chalets (large garden sheds) selling Christmas lights, and other tat.

Then the real horror revealed itself. April assured me that it was much more upper class than Lakeside. It was full of council estate dwelling pram pushers. Urgh! Where do they get the money to go shopping round there? Every other buggie had a fat child in there stuffing their greasy faces with a burger king.

Sorry James, no photos.

In short, I hated it. I won't be going again for quite a while, unless April is there to protect me.

On a note but similarly themed, I caught the tail end of this (Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe) last night. Excellent! A man after my own heart. Watch and enjoy.


  1. No pics? Dont worry...I've been there...once. Like you, never again. No book shops and no decent eats. Says it all. And where DO the pramfaces get their money. Or do they just treat it as a park?

  2. I think everyone should at least go once in their lifetime. At the bare minimum it will shock you into never becoming one of the many morons that frequent the place.

    I think these are the same people that are watching shite like the X-Factor, Strictly Come Dancing and I'm a Celebrity. Idiots!