Tuesday 11 November 2008

April's presents

April's asked for three and a half presents this year.

-Nintendo DS
-New Watch
-Electronic Kitchen Scales
-Handbag (I think she wants a handbag as she made me take a detour round a department store to show me)

By my assessment, that's going to cost me loads! Doh!

At least she's easy to buy for i.e. she knows what she wants, and has told me.

In the run up to Christmas last year I bought myself a watch and a nice scarf, April'd already bought me a scarf and was going to buy me a watch. Oops!

This year i've asked for a i-pod / mp3 player speaker dock thingy for the living room. It's kind of a present for the house but i've got pretty much everything I want (that's not too expensive). Most of my presents seem to be along those lines. Food processor, kitchen radio...

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