Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Arsenal v's Wigan tonight

I'm to see Arsenal play Wigan tonight at the Emirate Stadium with a bunch of guys from Lloyd's. I've set up a sweep steak which I may try and ramp up to £5 each (£35 total) that'll keep it interesting if Arsenal only play their children.

Should be fun, although it'll will be a late one. Kick-off's at 7:45, if you add on two hours ish it'll be close to 10. Then i'll have to get the tube back down to London Bridge and then catch a train. Thankfully it's not going to rain like it has over the past few days tonight.

Tomorrow morning's going to be productive... luckily my only meeting that day is at 2.

It's on TV tonight too so you may spot me shivering!

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