Monday, 17 November 2008


I turn the big three zero next year, I know, it's a surprise to me too. The signs are beginning to appear though. I can't stay up to much past 12, my joints ache after only the bare minimum of exercise and of course everyone keeps reminding / taking the piss. I'm still holding onto my mid-to-late-twenties though.

I'm the youngest out of my school year, Ben turns 30 this Thursday, Kris on New Years, Tim - March, Ian, June 27th, Shaz 24th August and Ross had his birthday earlier in September. The truth is that everyone is making much more of a deal about me turning 30 than me.

The worst of which was the nurse at the blood donor reception this morning. She doesn't even know me and decided to have a laugh.

This all might be because i've been winding my older friends up for quite a while now. One wind up of note was the Markus-Old-Age-O-Nator. In the run up to his 30th (4 years ago) I created a spreadsheet to analyse how old he was in comparison to all the famous Germans I knew.

My plan will be to have a meal and a few beers somewhere. Come one, come all, but i'm not paying.

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