Tuesday 4 November 2008

Free day off

For those that didn't know, I was given a free day off yesterday. A fire had broken out in the gym below my work and smoke had filled the whole building. All power was shut off to the building so we were all sent home.

I ended up walking to St Paul's and met up with Steve and April for lunch. It was quite interesting really, there was a British Legion memorial going on.

I watched a League of Extraordinary Gentleman and Lucky Number Sleven when I got home later in the afternoon.


  1. As an interesting side, I was also supposed to join that gym that very same day.

    Is Jebus telling me that I should join the gym?

  2. Cue wity comment about 'affecting their future premiums' and 'their level of excess' :)

    Ah, no one? No, just me then.