Monday, 17 November 2008


I received a letter in the post from EDF (Energy supplier) on Saturday. In the letter it stated that they were going to change our monthly direct debit from £30 to £70 a month, and 'not to worry' they'll change the details so that it automatically comes out of our account as usual.

I rang the idiots up and after a minute of explaining that despite paying £30 a month for the last 3 months we were still in fact £45 in credit he said that we were correct and he's left it at the same level.

Two options here, either they've employed idiots to automise their billing or as the economy is feeling the pinch they're trying to get more money up front (investment income) then repay the difference at the end of the year.


It really does make you think about how much some companies care about their customers.

Stuart's 3 strikes and you're out policy starts today. They have one life left after messing up the transfer of our gas account from British Gas.

Companies on my blacklist


Please feel free to add any more.

The only way companies will learn is if we stop giving them money.


  1. Virgin Media, they are idiots. I had their ADSL but had very poor latency for gaming. I rang up to cancel my account with them and they asked the reason.

    "I have a dreadful ping when gaming" I replied.
    "Oh, you're probably a heavy user and had your bandwidth allowance throttled."

    Cheers for that then - I pay for a good connection, then they throttle the usage without telling me. They apparantly do this to the top 10% of users, so there's no actual threshold to cross to have this happen to you either - if the top 10% of users (who all have their connection speed tampered with) all left at the same time this with readjust and affect the next 10%, and so on.

    Nildram are much better.

  2. We're replacing our BT (broadband and phone line) with Virgin tomorrow! Hopefully we'll be okay, we're certainly not heavy users so fingers crossed.

    One benefit of buying a house is that there's a lot more stability. Renting and moving around a lot in London was expensive.

    All I want is a hassle free life and not have to deal with customer service. It's not asking much is it???


    An MP must be reading my blog...