Tuesday, 11 November 2008

New TV

As mentioned a number of times before, i'm thinking about getting an x-box. I've now played Fallout 3 and if that's used as a benchmark of what games are like I might go out and by one tomorrow.

The logical place for it to go would be in our study. This would mean getting new TV.

What size? Origianlly I thought, get a massive new one for downstairs and use my old Samsung in the study, I then thought it would probably be too big for that small a room. Great! That means I can get a smaller TV (much cheaper) which would make the whole purchase much more feasable.

I've been in touch with my South Korean friend (the guy who's friend works at Samsung) and he reckons we can get another good deal. No spreadsheet this time though, i've got to find one I like and then they'll tell me how much they can sell one to us for.

I think 21 inches will be enough and possibly with a freeview TV tuner installed. April can watch Ugly Betty to her hearts content up there...

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