Friday 28 November 2008

Cat v's Cap, who's the most dweeby?

My department is split in two, Catastrophe modellers and Capital modellers (i'm in the later) and we all went out for a departmental Christmas lunch yesterday. Yes it's November.

We ended up going to a Strada on St Kathryne's Dock. Nothing special but I didn't have to pay so pretty good. On the way back I turned round and spotted the Cat modellers sneaking into the pub for a cheeky sharp half.

My lot continued back to work...

It is now my mission to change this.

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  1. Stu
    This made me howl. I first met your brother 10 years ago when I went round to his dept to brief him on some work he and the comedian were going to do for us. His dept was split Risk and Capital modelling and he was in capital. Someone walked by and I asked who it was. Steve said dismissively, and he was like a little boy as he said it, "oh him, he's in "risk modelling."

    Like brother, like brother. Plus ca change, plus ca meme.